Latest Episodes

Episode 1: Healing

In this week’s episode, Steve and Kathy share the miraculous stories of two women whom God healed. Plus, award-winning actor Stelio Savante, testimonies from people freed from depression, and a message to help you stand firm in adversity.

Episode 2: Revival

Find out how a God-encounter transformed one young man from drug addict to pastor. Then, an interview with star Sheree J. Wilson, plus music, first-hand accounts of divine encounters with God, and a message that will change your future.

Episode 3: Worship

Integrity Music recording artist  Dustin Smith shares how a single God-encounter turned the direction of his life. Then, Steve and Kathy interview actress Renee Lawless, plus learn how you can enter a new place in your relationship with God!

Episode 4: Marriage

Steve and Kathy share the story of one woman’s painful abortion and the miracle that restored her hope. Next, actor Richard Speight Jr. shares behind the scenes moments from the movie 3 Blind Saints, plus worship, testimonies and the word of God!

Episode 5: Miracles

In this episode, Steve and Kathy share the story of two women dealing with infertility and what happened when God miraculously intervened.  Plus, actor Richard Speight Jr, testimonies, and a message about activating the miraculous.

Episode 6: New Beginnings

In this episode, Steve and Kathy explore the new beginnings God offers to people like Mitch. Plus, a special interview with actress Gloria Garayua and a message on how you can connect with God!

Episode 7: One New Man

In this Episode, Steve Gray addresses the issue of division in the Body of Christ and the need for one new man.  Then we hear the amazing testimony of a life completely restored after the devastation of multiple miscarriages. Later actor Wink Martindale talks about hearing the call of God as a child.

Episode 8: Prosperity

Steve Gray teaches us about the true Grace of God. Then we hear the amazing testimony of a marriage healed after spiraling into drugs and alcohol.  Later, in an interview with teenage actor Chloe Noel, Pastor Steve and Kathy discuss the blessing of Family. After that, they bring us into a service at World Revival Church, where we experience powerful worship, testimonies, and a Life-Changing message...