Prosperity Offer

"Limitless God" and "Invest In The Blessed" Teachings + bonus cd "How To Stop Your Financial Woes"

$15 digital download

$35 physical copy


The Prosperity Offer: Throughout America and across the world people are concerned with their finances. Now Pastor Steve Gray reveals that the root of our financial trouble is not working for more money, but getting your money to work for you. Learn to think like God thinks and how to talk to Him in a way that gets His attention! The biblical teachings of Total Prosperity will take you to an overflowing and extraordinary life! To learn more, order this offer for a gift of $15 (digital copy) or $30 (hard copy, shipping and handling included).

This offer includes:

  • Limitless God, by Steve Gray
  • Invest in the Blessed, by Steve Gray
  • How To Stop Your Financial Woes bonus CD by Steve Gray