Three Blind Saints

$15 DVD


Sam is a man with a plan, but lack of follow through turns his ideas into silly schemes. So when Sam’s latest scheme blows up, he and his cohorts, Jamal and Frankie, have to find new jobs. A series of mishaps lands them in jail in the small suburb of Rocky Road, and the three decide to fake “find” God to avoid more time behind bars.

The three are sentenced into the care of Rusty Pickens, a prominent member of Rocky Road, who sets them up as the leaders of the Rocky Road Community Church. Although it seems like an easy job, the gig gets thorny as the three get to know real people with real problems, and Sam, Jamal and Frankie realize they have nothing real to offer.

As they continue to bungle through their duties, the trio uncover a greedy plot to steal money from the church and eventually destroy it. Sam, Jamal and Frankie must decide whether to rescue the church and the people -- no matter the consequences.